Willow Creek Charter School


Enrolling Your Student

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Open Enrollment occurs April 15th - April 30th, 2019. If the number of applicants in a level exceeds the maximum students allowed during open enrollment, a lottery will be used to fill the classroom. All other applicants will be put on a wait list in order of acceptance of applications.

Re-enrollment occurs between March 18th - March 28th. A signed re-enrollment form must be turned in during this time to reserve your students' seat for the next calendar year. If your student does not re-enroll during this time, there is no longer a guaranteed seat for the following year and will be put on the wait list.

We always accept applications during the school year and if there are available seats in a classroom, we will offer your student the seat and require confirmation within 5 days of the date of offer.

Any child that turns five by December 31 can be enrolled in our kindergarten class.There are NO Kindergarten tuition fees.

$150 Yearly Materials Fee - For all Kg-8th graders. This can be paid in two installments; the first payment is due by the end of the first week of school. The second payment is due by September 15th.

You are invited to come in anytime for a tour of our campus to learn more about our school and meet our wonderful teachers, students and staff.

Returning Students Application


Parents are responsible for transporting students to and from school on time. There is no bus service available at this time. If a student is tardy or is leaving school prior to discharge time, the parent / guardian must sign the attendance log in the office. If a student is to be transported by a person not on the approved list on the enrollment application, a written notice or phone call must be given to the office prior to the student’s departure.

During drop-off and pick-up times, do not leave your car unattended, as this will block the flow of traffic and becomes a dangerous situation on Willow Creek Road. If you need to get out of your car, please pull into a parking space.

WE STRICTLY ADHERE TO DROP OFF AND PICK UP TIMES. Students may not arrive on campus before 7:45 a.m. and must be picked up by 4:00p.m. Parents that arrive after 4:05 will be charged $1.00 a minute, as WCC does not have after school care. Please be on time!

Students who are walking and/or riding bikes to and from school require a written note on the student application with parent permission.


Students bring their own packed lunch for snacks and lunch each day, as we do not have a cafeteria or meal delivery. Microwaves are not available for heating food up, so put hot food in a thermos if needed. Please pack your child a nutritious snack and lunch, so they are the best they can be all day!