Willow Creek Charter School

Our School


Willow Creek Charter began in 1999, creating a safe, effective school environment while successfully meeting the social, emotional and academic needs of each child.
We understand that a successful school needs purposeful leadership with educators that take responsibility for the students’ academic success while encouraging teamwork.

Quarterly, we have Ranch Round-up, where our students enjoy the last day of the quarter in a fun-filled activity; from trips to the Movie Theater or bowling alley to a water day, where bounce houses, dunk tanks and firetrucks make it a cool day for all!

We all enjoy school performances, talent shows and fun days of learning science hands-on, as well as fun surprises like the helicopter ambulance that came and surprised us for a visit! For holidays, we enjoy a Thanksgiving Feast with everyone enjoying time with family and get ready for the next week off. We try to incorporate all of the fun into our school culture so students enjoy learning in our family-like environment.

Engaged Learning

Our multi-age classrooms consist of two grades. This teaching philosophy promotes cooperation, collaboration and allows students to develop a deeper and comprehensive understanding of subject matters. This also gives students the opportunity to build personal self-esteem while aiding their peers in a strong academic environment.

Our cooperative learning style fosters high-achieving academic goals while promoting respectful and encouraging behaviors.


At Willow Creek Charter, we are dedicated to providing the best public education for your child. Our classrooms are small; resulting in excellent student to teacher ratios, allowing for all students' needs to be met.

Rigorous academic standards are successfully taught through our research-based curriculum. The use of clear assessment data monitors the progress and improvements in each student’s academic career.

We utilize state of the art technology to engage students in project-based learning and our interactive instruction urges students to achieve their highest potential.

Willow Creek Charter follows the Arizona State Standards and completes required yearly state testing. For more information, visit www.azed.gov.

Bully-Free Campus

At Willow Creek Charter, we create a safe environment for children to grow and be themselves. When a student becomes ridden with fear and anxiety, learning is difficult. We have a zero bullying tolerance policy. Willow Creek Charter students encourage each other to reach for their personal best. We teach our students the importance of respecting adults, peers and their learning environment. Our students feel safe and therefore can put their efforts into mastering academic skills and pursuing their interests.

Our Family

Our staff is outstanding! Between us, we have over 100 years of teaching experience. All of our teachers are certified and some have state endorsements in subjects such as fine arts, physical education, history and special education, allowing us to provide a well-rounded school experience for our students. Check out our Classrooms to read about our highly qualified staff. From our teachers, support staff, administration to maintenance, we all work together to make it possible for our students to have a great learning experience.

Tammy Westerson is our Level 1 Instructor teaching Kindergarten and 1st grade. Mrs. Westerson received her Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University and holds teaching certificates in Texas and Tennessee as well as Arizona.This is her 7th year teaching Kindergarten and has taught 1st and 2nd grade as well. She has district school experience as well as public charter school experience.

When asked what she enjoys most about working with this age child, she always replies; “the light bulb moments.” That moment when a child understands a math concept, can sound out letters to spell words, or realizes that they are actually reading on their own, and the light bulb goes on over their heads.You get these moments with students of all ages, but in Kindergarten, you get them daily. It’s the best feeling in the world!

Mrs. Westerson is new to the Prescott and has enjoyed getting to know the community and all it has to offer. She and her husband enjoy spending time with their families and their 3 Shetland sheepdogs.

Shannon Silvey is one of our paraprofessionals, working with all of our students throughout the day. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Human Communications from California State San Bernardino. She has owned several businesses, working in bookkeeping, managing employees and in claims adjustment. Her two children attend WCC.

Sandra Sherman is our Level 2 Instructor teaching 1st and 2nd grade. Sandra received her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Minnesota. She has many years of experience working with children aged Kindergarten through 5th grade in both the public and private sector. Her passion is teaching children in all aspects of the educational spectrum.

Mrs. Sherman believes all students can learn and achieve success, however, each student is an individual that learns in different ways and at different speeds. She expects her students to give their best daily as she strives to do her best to differentiate learning to accommodate all her students learning needs. She knows that children learn best when they are comfortable in their environment and strives to make her class like a family, where students sincerely care about each other. Outside of school, Mrs. Sherman spends most of her free time with her family enjoying the outdoors, camping and traveling to new and exciting places.

Michele Parent is joining our WCC team this year as one of our paraprofessionals.

Anette Harbor is joining our school this year as our level 3 teacher. She previously taught math, world cultures and US History in Splendora, TX.

She has an Associates of Arts from Kingwood College (Kingwood, Texas), a Bachelor of Science from Sam Houston State University (Huntsville, Texas) where she majored in History and minored in Geography as well as a Masters of Arts in Teaching and Learning from Nova University (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) where she majored in Curriculum and Instruction.

Anette is a certified teacher focused on developing a challenging curriculum and assessments. She is a dedicated educator adept at challenging students to reach their full potential. and likes to say she has excellent communication skills, organized and driven with the ability to stay on task! Anette uses efficient and effective methods of teaching while focusing on the individual needs of all students.

She was born in Houston, Texas however, she grew up in Carson City, Nevada before moving back to Texas and raising her family. She has three boys ages 26, 24 and 24….yes twins! All three of her boys enlisted in the military after high school and two are currently living in Texas and one in California. On my spare time she loves to travel!

Chrystal Morriss has been a part of our WCC team for three years. She is one of our paraprofessionals, helping the teachers give more one-on-one assistance in the classroom. She also works very hard to help implement our PE and art programs and is always ready to help and assist in new areas at WCC.

Jessica Schmidt is our Level 4 teacher. This year she is teaching 5th and 6th grade ELA, science, and social studies, and 7th and 8th grade ELA. She has earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from San Diego State University and a Master of Arts in English Literature from Pittsburg State University. She has recently completed her coursework for her Master of Education. Over the past 7 years, Jessica has been involved in several aspects of education as classroom teacher and in school administration. In her classroom, Jessica emphasizes the importance of goal getting and personal accountability while fostering a supportive and open environment. She is excited to be a part of the Willow Creek Family for the 3rd year.

Beverly Bean is now our Intervention Specialist. She worked as a teacher at Willow Creek Charter since its inception and is now retired and working for us part-time. She earned a degree in Animal Health technology and then received her Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Northern Arizona University in 1996. Mrs. Bean is a long time resident of Prescott and loves the outdoors. She strives to make learning an adventure and will help our students achieve their educational goals.

Katie Sevey brings 12 years of teaching experience to our Level 5 classroom. Before Willow Creek Charter School, she taught in the State of Wisconsin at an Elementary School and in Bullhead City. She has 2 grown adult children that are both presently attending college at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Having friends in the Prescott area brought her here. Katie loves working with the middle school age and greatly appreciates the opportunity given to her to help your children be the best students and citizens that they can be.


Director - Mrs. Jennifer L. Baker

Jennifer L. Baker is our Director at Willow Creek Charter School. She is an accomplished business professional with a versatile administrative skill set developed through experience as a team Director, Office Administrator, Project Manager, Accounting/Reporting and Advertising experience. For the last ten years, she has been our school's Business Director and worked as an administrator for school operations. Her technology background has helped to develop, manage, train and implement our current technology system and continues to bring innovative solutions for the students to the school. She has designed and coordinated school-wide systems to ensure accountability to State requirements and designed improvements within teaching and systems data to improve school accountability. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and an Associate of Business degree and has 20 years of experience in translation management, advertising and marketing.

Willowcreek@WillowCreekCharter.com 928-776-1212 ext. 114

Special Education Director - Ms. Shannon Lynch

Ms. Shannon Lynch received her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and Sociology at Northern Arizona University. She went on to get her post-degree dual teaching certification in Elementary and Special Education, concurrently earning a Masters in Special Education. Her philosophy lies in encouraging the development of each student's unique strengths as well as fostering a safe environment in which to overcome individual challenges. She also strives to integrate the arts throughout her curriculum and nurture an enthusiasm for learning in her students.

SPED@WillowCreekCharter.com 928-776-1212 ext. 106

Office Manager - Mrs. Jeanne Schultz

Jeanne Schultz has been the Office Manager at Willow Creek Charter School since January, 2004. Jeanne Schultz received her Bachelor of Science degree in Management with an emphasis in Personnel Management from Arkansas State University in 1986. She has always enjoyed working with people in an office setting and problem solving situations. Our students love to come to the office and get help from Ms. Jeanne – they see her as the one who fixes everything – from calling home, to injuries on the playground, to just giving them a little extra attention when they need it.

Office@WillowCreekCharter.com 928-776-1212 ext. 0